2015 General Rules Updated for 2015

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2015 General Rules Updated for 2015

Post by Mike.MacKuen » Fri Feb 06, 2015 9:32 pm

The RTWR General Rules have been updated for 2015. Most of the General Rules remain the same. However, we have tweaked a few components as follows.

• Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D is now an officially accepted simulator. Please note that we have made reasonable efforts to incorporate P3D pilots into the event. However, we cannot be sure that all parts of the event will be equally accessible to all P3D pilots. At least for the moment, teammates flying FSX or FS2004 will have to carry part of the load.

• Addon weather engines are now permitted. Because we include P3D pilots, and P3D does not have a default Real Weather engine, we allow all pilots to select an alternative if they wish. Only a limited number of designated alternatives are permitted. Pilots must now declare their weather engine before the start of the race—and stick with the same one throughout. Teams publish a list for transparency purposes. And everyone must fly in dynamic Real Weather that is at least as challenging as the MSFS default weather engine. (See Rule 6.E.iii.)

• The Addon Scenery rule is clarified. Pilots may use third-party addon sceneries as long as they are realistic and are publicly available before the race. The realism standard requires a good faith effort to depict airports and terrain as accurately as possible. Pilots remain limited to those airports native to their own simulator (FS2004, FSX, or P3D). (See Rule 6.F.)

• The Retrospective Wingman Transfer is simplified. The application of the Retrospective Wingman Transfer no longer carries any additional penalty. It costs a standard 30 minutes Wingman Transfer penalty. (See Rule 9.C.ii.)

• New teams are encouraged to apply early. We warmly welcome new teams. They are asked to submit a preliminary application by November 1 prior to the race start. Getting a new team up and running will require some time and effort from the Race Community. The new deadline will help make a new team's entry a rewarding experience. (See Rule 10.C.)
Mike MacKuen, Executive Committee