NOTAM - Advance notice of Rule for 2015

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NOTAM - Advance notice of Rule for 2015

Post by srgalahad » Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:59 pm

This is notice that the following is included in the Special Rules for 2015.

12. Artificial Vision and Artificial Landing Aids in 2015.

Pilots may not use artificial (not true to their aircraft) gauges or tricks to enhance their vision or their ability to approach an airport. Standard TAWS gauges or GPS gauges are fine. They simulate real world depictions of terrain and give "non-precision" approach information. However, artificial vision gauges and tricks are not allowed. (Even if realistic, in 2015 they are not allowed because they change the nature of the competition.) Similarly, Glen Copeland's nifty "Satellite Assisted Landing System" (SALS) gauge is not suitable for the Race and is therefore disallowed. This ruling expands the General Rules' prohibition of "artificial landing aids" such as third-party Autoland gauges and devices.

The RTWR is intended to be a test of pilot skill and decision-making, not about innovation in computer enhancements. Thus it has always been the norm to allow common upgrades to aircraft but not to permit or encourage advanced technology that might be hypothetical or unavailable in the general realm.

Recently there have been programmers developing "synthetic vision systems" and also a couple of simulator setting modifications that have, or promise to enhance the ability of pilots to see through bad weather to locate runways or avoid terrain. As the former are still not commonly available in the real-world and the latter are obvious methods to 'beat the system' the Committee wishes to make it clear that no method of enhanced visibility is permitted during the RTWR.

To the same end, while we allow the use of standard navigation aids (both ground-based, such as ILS & VOR) and aircraft-installed (such as GPS) to permit advanced navigation capabilities beyond "dead-reckoning", systems or devices or gauges that have no direct real-world equivalent are not permitted. While there are WAAS-enabled GPS systems becoming available, these are only for use at designated airports where there are certified and published approaches.

Recent posts have suggested a gauge (Glenn Copeland's SALS V9) which gives "ILS-like indications" to track to final approach for any runway in the FS database. Of course it does not use satellites except in a hypothetical way but the key ingredient is that it provides guidance to non-navaid-equipped runways with a relatively high degree of accuracy in any conditions. There is no parallel device in the real world. Additionally, the degree of accuracy is deemed to be excessive and contrary to the aforementioned test of pilot skill.

While SALS is mentioned specifically, any similar device is considered in the same light.
Naturally, adhoc placement of temporary navaid or 'landing systems' is equally unacceptable.

Teams are reminded that the onus is on them to maintain the integrity of the rules amongst their members.
Rob Ibey, Executive Committee