Race Authentication Permits both Duenna v2.0 and Duenna 1.0

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Race Authentication Permits both Duenna v2.0 and Duenna 1.0

Post by Mike.MacKuen » Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:52 am

Race Authentication Permits both Duenna v2.0 and Duenna 1.0 Legacy setups

In 2015 the standard method for leg authentication is the new Duenna v2.0 (latest release). This year the Race welcomes pilots using two new simulation platforms: FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3d. In addition, the Race now allows pilots to choose an addon weather engine (from a small list) beyond the default Jeppesen weather engine, with the proviso that the addon weather engine be configured to produce weather at least as realistic as the default and that the weather be real time and dynamic. To accommodate these changes, our technology officer has worked with the Duenna's original author and tirelessly written new code to produce a version that can interface with the new simulation platforms and that monitors and reports on each leg's weather (especially on takeoff and landing). Pilots who use addon weather can now document that they are flying in real time dynamic weather; other pilots can be confident that everyone is doing the right thing. These Duenna improvements add greatly to our event.

Using the Duenna v2.0 requires the pilot to download the new program and install it. Pilots should also download and install the latest FSUIPC (freeware or payware) as they are meant to do every year. The entire process will take ten to fifteen minutes. (Please check to be sure that you have the latest versions of both the Duenna and FSUIPC.)

However, we also understand that many pilots have only a limited time to devote to race preparation. And others may have flakey systems that resist new software. And others may not feel comfortable installing new software in the current time frame. Accordingly, pilots who do not need the enhanced capabilities of the Duenna v2.0 may prefer to use last year's Duenna v1.0 as per the Race regime of 2014. The Race shall happily accommodate everyone in this regard.

The Special Rule 14 is now revised as follows.

14. The Duenna.

All pilots should authenticate their legs using the Duenna. In 2015 the standard method for leg authentication is the new Duenna v2.0 (latest release) combined with an updated FSUICP (freeware or payware). The new version accommodates the new simulation platforms of FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3d. It also reports on each leg's weather dynamics and thus helps document the operation of addon weather engines. That said, some pilots may prefer to use the 2014 authentication system that employed Duenna v1.0 and the default MSFS-Jeppesen weather engine. Accordingly:
  • (a) The standard authentication method is the Duenna v2.0.
    (b) Pilots may instead opt to revert to the 2014 system. This means the current version of the Duenna v1.0 coupled with the default MSFS weather engine (properly configured). This combination is now the standard "Legacy" authentication procedure for 2015.
    (c) Pilots with problems or special needs should contact either the Racing Committee or the Executive Committee for relief.
We want everyone to enjoy the challenges of the RTWR in 2015 and hope that the authentication system enhances, rather than detracts from, the value of the event.

(Note. To update the Duenna v2.0 to the latest release, you may simply install the newer version on top of the older version. The previous configuration settings will be retained. If you are installing the Duenna v2.0 for the first time, then you will have to enter the configuration settings. We may have one more release that eliminates a few obscure bugs.)
Mike MacKuen, Executive Committee