Multiple Weather Declarations Allowed

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Multiple Weather Declarations Allowed

Post by Mike.MacKuen » Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:58 pm

Pilots who choose to fly more than one simulation platform (say FS9 and FSX, or FSX and P3D), should declare a weather engine for each platform that they intend to fly. The declaration should be made before the race (if possible) and the pilot should stick to that choice throughout the race.


The pilot declares and engine and sticks with it. The principle that we seek to maintain here is that a pilot flies in the weather generated by the real time dynamic weather engine that he has declared. When a pilot commits to a weather engine before the race, he eliminates the possibility of choosing optimal winds and weather for each leg by selecting among the weather engines that he has installed.

To accommodate pilots who want to fly more than one platform, we allow a multiple-simulation declaration because some weather engines work only in one simulator and not in the other. (We expect that some pilots will want to use FS9 as a backup for FSX, or FSX as a backup for P3D. And others may prefer to use FSX for new aircraft and FS9 for older FS2004-modeled aircraft.) It is our mutual expectation that this ruling be used by pilots to gain access to the second simulator rather than as an opportunity to choose favorable weather conditions. (Teams might informally encourage their own teammates to observe this norm.)

That said, the Race monitoring system cannot identify a pilot's weather engine. So the whole idea of choosing a weather engine and sticking with it is as a matter of pilots' honor. This reliance on mutual trust is the price we pay for some flexibility in having fun.

And a reminder. If a pilot finds that he cannot fly his declared weather engine, he may seek relief from the Duty Officer and the Racing Committee. (For most pilots, that would mean using the default MSFS-Jeppesen weather engine in place of an addon engine.) Normally, if there is no racing advantage involved, this request should be accommodated.
Mike MacKuen, Executive Committee