NOTAM Re: FS time and clocks

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NOTAM Re: FS time and clocks

Post by srgalahad » Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:39 pm

Recently a question was asked about FS Real Time, and by inference, other programs that make adjustments to the FS clock system>
We have tried to evaluate this issue as thoroughly as possible and have determined that:

FS Real Time adjusts the displayed local time, making adjustments for Daylight Savings Time and perhaps other factors. The normal standard for the RTWR is that all pilots fly the same world (as nearly as possible). Accordingly, for 2016, pilots should follow these restrictions.

(a) If the pilot does not have FS Real Time installed, he should NOT install it.

(b) If the pilot does have FS Real Time installed, he should UNINSTALL it or DISABLE ITS OPERATION. Each such pilot should test the uninstallation/disabling feature to be sure that the modification does not cause additional problems such as missing bgl files. If there are problems, the pilot should contact the Duty Officer and (if necessary) the Executive Committee to obtain a waiver. We do NOT want to create a bigger problem than already exists and will be sympathetic to any difficulties.

While this one program is referred to, there may be others that are of the same nature. These too should be disabled for the race.
UTC is the standard and as such should be the preferred way of making sure your sim clock is set correctly.
Rob Ibey, Executive Committee

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