NOTAM: 2016 Round The World Race is Complete

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NOTAM: 2016 Round The World Race is Complete

Post by srgalahad » Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:30 pm

NOTAM: 2016 Round The World Race is Complete

Effective Sunday, Feb. 28th at 0113 UTC the 2016 running of the FS RTW Race was officially completed with the arrival of Team FlightSim at Liberia, Costa Rica (MRLB).

Therefore the Team times for this year are:

AVSIM: 54:42
SOH: 57:55 (includes 0:22 penalty time)
FLightSim: 194:13

The Executive Committee is pleased to announce that Team AvSim is the winner of The Wilhelm (Wilhe) Bendit Trophy for 2016.

To more closely reflect the actual performance in flying the race, the Executive Committee is providing an adjustment to the Team FlightSim time to reflect time lost due to unforeseen human factors. This adjustment establishes a competition time of: 65 Hours, 13 Minutes.

Roadrunner Award: for the fastest Average Speed in a 'Normal' race aircraft on a leg in excess of 600nm

Spookster67 BGBW - BIKF 649.3 406.6 Kts

The Gemini Award for best performance in a Formation Flight:

Eamonn & Arvoo from Avsim in the 777-747 to JON/PJON with a double bonus (4 secs)

The individual awards will be forwarded to the winners by email.
Rob Ibey, Executive Committee