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NOTAM 17-01

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:49 pm
by srgalahad
NOTAM 17-01

Revision to the 2017 Special Rules

In light of significant shortages of capable and qualified pilots, the Executive Committee has reviewed and accordingly revised Rule 7. The Consecutive Pilot Rule.

This change is included in the released 2017 Special Rules v1.01 available on the RTWR Race web site here: ... elease.pdf

In summary, the use of the Emergency Pilot provision has been opened by eliminating the limit of two consecutive legs. The Wait Time has been modified from 5 minutes with escalation (5+5, +5 etc.) to 3 minutes per consecutive use and the accumulated Wait Time is to be served on the ground prior to a new pilot claiming the baton.

for the Executive Committee