Wingmen in 2018 - Special Rule 6

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Wingmen in 2018 - Special Rule 6

Post by srgalahad » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:18 pm

A question was raised about the purpose and intent of Rule 6. "Wingmen in 2018"

Obviously there are a multitude of scenarios that could be encountered, and the following is but one example.
In past years, especially in the realm of the Bonus Bank, it was seen as a possible tactical advantage if a wingman were to land early and then set up to be baton on the next leg, therefore minimizing delays in the baton transfer. If a wingman transfer should occur there could still be a rapid launch of the next Baton with the penalty being 'banked'. In the current use of "sit-in-place" penalties there is now time for the previous wingman to set up as baton pilot, if this is the only option available. Thus we have worded the rule to formalize the concept of a 'wingman following the lead'. Note that the rule allows some margin for unexpected, exigent circumstances but it should be understood that those circumstances will need to be clearly explained if questioned.

"Colonel Robert Smith provides an extensive description of the work and role of wingmen during the Korean War. Among the wingman's primary responsibilities are remaining close to the leader of the aerial formation and warning the leader of any immediate threats at the cost of losing mutual protection. Smith describes the responsibilities as mutually exclusive; never losing the leader required attention in front of the wingman, but warning the lead of any aircraft threats meant focusing on the rear. The wingman needs to protect the leader and react constantly according to his surroundings and movements. Smith describes the difficulties of flying under poor visibility and the trying effects on human perception under such conditions, especially considering the danger of being separated from the leader of the formation. According to Smith, wingmen are expected to remain with the leader, even at the cost of scoring an easy kill."

This is a subject which has been under consideration for several years during the rule-making process. It was decided that 2018 was an appropriate time to make it a policy.
Rob Ibey, Executive Committee