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Heads Up Displays added

Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:24 pm
by srgalahad
In response to a query about installation of any Heads Up Display to aircraft not normally so-equipped, these are generally considered to be changes to the aircraft instrumentation and thus are allowed under the General Rules except if this instrument provides additional information such as 'synthetic vision' or a overlay of terrain/obstructions/runways/ etc. This would change the instrument to an Artificial Landing Aid beyond the normal information provided by the standard aircraft equipment and are thus prohibited under Special Rule 11.

This NOTAM is in effect for the 2018 Race and will be reviewed.

For the purpose of clarification, if the HUD only repeats air data from the standard flight instruments it can be used. If it adds any other information, including maps, terrain, scenery or similar, it is to be disabled or uninstalled. It is possible that for future use this sort of addition may require pre-approval under the guidelines of the General Rules.